About us

Soft & Sec is a company with the necessary experience in the world of electronic security systems. We are enthusiastically always technically driven and looking for solutions for the wishes of our customers.

In the design, installation and realization of access control and / or burglar alarm systems, there are often specific questions from customers that can be filled in with software.

Unfortunately, these questions and wishes are often not implemented due to a lack of software knowledge at electrical and security installers. These wishes are often not filled in by the suppliers / producers of the systems because it is simply not their Key-Bussines.

We have the knowledge to develop affordable application software that works seamlessly with existing intrusion and access control systems.

Our aim is therefore to find the right puzzle pieces for realizing your wishes.

User Experience


Web Design






Our key business is Solving Puzzles !!

Our projects

Some of our realized Presence/Absence/Time and custom made software application

T-Systems Nederland

T-Systems locaties Vianen, Den Haag en Heerlen

Aanwezigheid incl BHV, Custom made rapportage van personen in het ATS8600 management systeem, Badgestatus, BadgeInternationaal

Inalfa Roof Systems

Inalfa Roof Systems locatie Venray

AccessEvents - automatisch toegangsevents ATS8600 koppeling met TimeTell werktijdregistratie

Pakstation Venlo

Weyers-Groep - Pakstation locatie Venlo

AtsChangePin - Automatisch Pincodes wijzigen direct in ATS panelen

Volvo Cars locatie Maastricht

PresenceWeb/time - aanwezigheid en werktijdregistratie gekoppeld aan ATS8600 Security Management Systeem

Pearl Music Europe B.V.

Pearl Music Europe B.V. locatie Belfeld

AtsPresenceWeb - Aanwezigheidsregistratie direct uit ATS classic paneel van UTC Fire & Security


kompany locatie Venlo

PresenceWeb/time - aanwezigheid en werktijdregistrtaie gekoppeld aan ATS8600 Security Management Systeem

Dana Petroleum

Dana Petroleum locatie Den Haag

PresenceWeb - Aanwezigheidregistratie gekoppeld met ATS8600 systeem en zichtbaar op custom made Raspberry PI met Windows-IOT

Dana Petroleum

Consultancy security systems

Voor installateurs beschikbaar als consultant beveiligings systemen



June 2016 - Version 4

All accessevents from IN- and OUT cardreaders are sent direct to external file for use with external timeregistration systems.


September 2017 - version 5.4

Show Presence/Absence of everyone on every device with a webbrowser which can make a networkconnection to the webserver of PresenceWeb/Time.

Android AtsPanel

Jan 2012 - Version 2

Android App - ATS classic panels in controll with this App !!!

Axis AtsPresenceWeb Registration

Jan 2019 - PresenceTime/Web V6

Complete renewed website for Presence/Absence registration for use with ATS classic panels from UTC Fire & Security AND Axis A1001 Doorcontrollers !

Visitor Registration

Dec 2018 - Version for PresenceTime/Web

Visitors are able to login and logout by themselves for Presence/Absence registration in use with ATS8600 from UTC Fire & Security.

Pre-Register - Visitor Registration

Dec 2018 - Version for PresenceTime/Web

Personel/Reception can Pre-Register visitors for Presence/Absence registration.


Jan 2019 - AxisPresenceWeb V1.6.x

AxisPresenceWeb for Presence/Absence registration for use with A1001 doorcontrollers from Axis Communications


Axis Communications

Application Development Partners (ADP) since 2017
Doorcontroller A1001

Axis A1001 doorcontroller - All access granted events of IN- and OUT- cardreaders are sent directly to PresenceWeb database for presence/absence on a webbrowser.

UTC Fire & Security

Integration Partner
ATS classic panels - ATS8300/Alliance - ATS8600 - TruPortal

We have practical experience and knowledge for realizing your needs with the above products !


Development partner since 2018

Still under development getting accessevents from SPC controller !


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